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What are the advantages of using Fairfax Design Solutions for my home remodeling project?

Many home remodeling companies/contractors in our area do not have an in-house design department. That means that if you select one of those companies, you may not have a good idea of what your remodeling project will look like until it’s complete. Fairfax Design Solutions will design your floor plan and allow you to visualize your new space by showing you 3-D computerized renderings. In addition, many remodeling companies will ask you to select all of your products on your own before they will start the construction work. When you make a big investment in your home, Fairfax Design Solutions realizes that most people would like to know what the finished design is going to look like and they’d also prefer help in selecting all of the products that will be used in the project. That’s where Fairfax Design Solutions shines! We love designing and helping you select your products! If you decide to hire one of our preferred builders, we will work closely with them to make sure that your remodeling project is completed to your satisfaction.

Will you design and build my new kitchen?

Fairfax Design Solutions will design your new kitchen and help you select all of the products to be used in your kitchen such as cabinets, cabinet pulls, sink, sink faucet, countertop, paint, etc. We will recommend one of preferred builders and we will work hand-in-hand with them to make sure that your kitchen is completed to your satisfaction. If you already have a builder in mind, you are welcome to take our design and use it as you wish.

What is your fee for interior design services?

Great question! We at Fairfax Design Solutions base our fee on the type of project and number of hours we anticipate that it will take to complete it. Every project is different and therefore it’s difficult to set one fee that will cover all projects. We prefer to have a phone conversation with you first to gather more information about your needs. We will then either come to your home or do a virtual assessment to get more details. Then we will provide you with a detailed quote.

How long will it take you to complete my design?

With all of our design projects, customer participation is keyFairfax Design Solutions works pretty quickly, but if it takes you extra long to make a decision or you aren’t available to interact with us, it will definitely draw out the project. We think it’s a great idea for you to have some ideas ready for us to review. Go online to websites such as Houzz or Pinterest and start saving photos of designs that you like.

May I purchase cabinets from you if I don't use your design services?

Yes, absolutely!  Fairfax Design Solutions would be happy to assist you with ordering cabinets with whatever project you have in mind.

I'm interested in Aging in Place design, but I don't want my home to look like an institution. How can you help?

We at Fairfax Design Solutions will take special care to make sure that your home looks aesthetically pleasing while also providing a safer environment for you. We are Certified Aging in Place Specialists who have special training in recognizing the needs of our older and/or disabled clients. We will even seek the assistance of an Occupational Therapist if your situation calls for an evaluation.

I live in Washington DC. Will you assist me with my design project?

Unfortunately, Fairfax Design Solutions does not service Washington DC. Our clients are mainly located in Fairfax County, VA and in a few towns in Loudoun County.